Winter sports

Winter sports:

Get inspired by the athletes passion for what they do

SALTO Systems' social initiative supports projects to enable disabled athletes



Core value of “inspiration”

Wheelchair basketball is a fantastic sport, played on a standard sized basketball court with standard height baskets. There is no illegal-dribble rule and players are allowed two pushes of their wheels before they pass, dribble or shoot the ball. The wheelchair is counted as part of the body so to block a player, you must stop their chair. The game is fast, furious and is all about tactics, like a game of chess on wheels!



Looking to Paralympics, Rio 2016

At we are confident Paratriathlon will contribute to the Paralympic Movement and inspire people and youth worldwide.  It has been a long road to reach this milestone but we know the  real work begins now for Mikel, Martin and Phil to dedicate their efforts to delivering spectacular Paratriathlon competitions in Rio 2016.



Get inspired by the athletes’ passion for what they do

SALTO Systems’ social initiative supports projects to enable disabled athletes to achieve sporting excellence and inspire and excite the community. Their performances and incredible stories teach the values of acceptance and appreciation for people with any disability.



InspiratioN & PASSION

SALTO Systems has committed to support the development of disabled sports for over 10 years. Whether for fun, to get to work or school, or for something to really get the heart racing, nothing beats a bike ride.