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Welcome to our Fan Community, where you can connect with others like you who want to share their interests and discuss their mobility problems.. Share your story and interact with others.

We have created this Social Media Channel to demonstrate to our customers, distribution partners and anyone who wishes to visit our FACEBOOK page, follow our TWEETS and MEDIA Gallery, some of the social projects in which SALTO Systems is taking part.

These projects are taking place both nationally and internationally, and are helping to provide real benefits to people’s lives right now.



Anyone with a disability should always believe that they can achieve anything they want, just like anybody else. You may have to do some things differently from other people to succeed. But with work and a little creativity, everything is possible!



To offer disabled athletes an even stronger platform to showcase their talents and enhance their sports abilities, and to help them prepare for national tournaments by giving them the opportunity to do sports.



We are all inspired by Paralympics who do things that seem impossible. Whether it is an athletic achievement that teaches us we can exceed any perceived limitation There is nothing impossible to him who will try…



Promote handicapped sport as a means of achieving greater social integration, and thereby defying the assumption that people with a physical disability cannot lead a life of excellence and achievement.